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This Blog intends to cover Techno Legal issues with a special focus upon International Legal Issues of Cyber Security. Whether it is Cyber Law or Cyber Security, there is no Global Legal Framework for the same. This creates Law Enforcement Problems before various Nations that are presently relying upon methods like Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) to obtain and share information regarding Cyber Crimes, Cyber Threats and Cyber Attacks.

However, MLAT is a tedious and slow process and in many cases the crucial Digital Evidence is lost before it is obtained. Through this Blog, Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) would try to bring together Techno Legal issues of Cyber Security in general and International Legal Issues of Cyber Security in particular.

P4LO suggests the following Blogs for reading purposes and having a holistic picture of Techno Legal Cyber Security issues of India and foreign jurisdictions:

The present Blog is another effort of P4LO to spread Cyber Security Awareness in India and to develop Cyber Security Skills In India. We hope our readers would find our Blogs useful.

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